Functional Groups
Custom Synthesis   Efficient project management Chemme has been supporting tens of thousands of researchers to accomplish important innovations for years by means of efficient project evaluation, reliable project management, complex client support, and commitment to confidentiality.
Procurement Outsourcing   Professional transactions management Chemme can help you implement prompt sourcing while minimizing supply risk and impact of price volatility with industry leading strategic sourcing, transactions management capabilities and proprietary SCM tools. Learn more
PunchOut   Easily ordered within ERP environment The PunchOut solution of Chemme provides an integration layer that enables you to initiate a transaction within your ERP environment and make orders easily and quickly. Learn more
Scale-Up   Mass-scale chemical producing Having access to the world’s most diverse and abundant production facilities in China, Chemme is your best choice to assist you in developing and troubleshooting processes for mass-scale chemical productions. Learn more
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